Your latest sewer bill may have arrived by now.  In the lower left hand corner you’ll find a short message, “BEGINNING THIS QTR POSTMARKS NO LONGER ACCEPTED.”  Here’s what this change in policy means for your sewer and tax bills.  In the past Columbia Township would accept payment by mail as being on time as long as the postmark on the envelope showed it was mailed before the due date.  That allowance has changed. Regardless of the postmark, you’ll be considered in arrears (and subject to increased costs), if your payment does not arrive by the due date.

Some people have experienced considerable delays when using the mails.  Examples include a Christmas card mailed in mid December not showing up at its destination until mid to late January.  Delayed mail is part of the Township’s reasoning for this change in policy.

The Township allows online payments on their website:  “You can still pay your sewer, tax, or other township bills at the counter, through the mail, or by phone.  E-check payments, formerly known as ACH payments, are still free and credit card payments incur a 3% service fee for tax payments, and a $3.00 charge for all other payment types.”  Click here for a link to this page on their website.

Example of current Clark Lake sewer bill: