Of the many wreaths created by the Clark Lake Garden Angels for their fundraiser, only six remain.  Combining a bit of the Clark Lake Spirit with the Christmas spirit could add holiday magic to your place. To acquire a wreath, contact Tricia Boyers at 206-2985 or Shelly Wilbur at 740-2777.  Your $50 donation can made via credit card through this website (click here) or by cash upon pick up or delivery.  If using the website method, check box that says “I would like this donation to go to a specific fund.”

And the Garden Angels would like to thank you for the excellent turnout for “Buy a Wreath” yesterday at the Clark Lake Community Center.  This one and only fundraiser for the year helps these volunteers buy supplies for the gardens around the Community Center, the Triangle, and the Tom Collins marker on the Spirit Trail.  But they say it better themselves, as you will see this video, recorded yesterday.  And they get some help from Mike McKay, Claude Spencer and his daughter, Abby, Joe Collins, and Ric Walton.  Check it out

View of the Clark Lake Community Center earlier in the fall.