The awards have been delivered, and the rafts have been shorn of their costumes.  Raft-O-Rama 2017 is now a memory, but a recent one that is still vivid.  Eighteen rafts took to the lake 10:30 am, Sunday, August 6th, and put on a show that won’t be forgotten.  The competition for “best” in each category was tough, illustrated by the highly creative and quality entries.  Here are all entries, many from aerial views not seen before.  Thanks to BJ Lyons for his expert drone photos.


The Raft-O-Rama “season” begins well before the parade.

For those viewing Raft-O-Rama who are only casually connected to the event, it is easy to miss the reality of how much goes into this event each year.  The R-O-R Committee meets throughout the year either to tie up loose ends from the previous year or to plan for the next one.   Not only is the parade on Raft-O-Rama Sunday a topic, but also fundraising projects and entertainment activities at the Point after the event.  Publicity includes banners on utility poles, posters, and the “Ten Things” direct mail piece. Then there is the luminary project–creating and offering them for sale around the lake so Clark Lake’s Independence Day evening starts with a soft glow along the shorelines. None of this gets done without lots of hard work and commitment.  Throughout this story are photos of what goes on at their meetings.

The committee meets in different places. The meeting above took place at the Point.  The one below occurred at the Community Center.

The Raft-O-Rama Committee understands where it is headed. As much as hard work is involved, the idea behind it is to create a good time for everyone at Clark Lake, summarized in one word–fun.

Fun is transmitted through Raft-O-Rama activities.  And it’s part of their meetings.  Some organizations begin their meetings solemlny.  For example, the Columbia Township board of trustees start with the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer.  It’s not that Raft-O-Rama committee members aren’t patriotic or lack religious convictions.  They know there is a time for everything and they know their goal for their organization.  So, at each meeting, the meeting commences with a joke to put everyone in the right frame of mind. 


When you see a Raft-O-Rama committee member, you may wish to thank him or her.  The committee members will tell you there are lots of others to thank, as well.  Check out the list below.