The Clark Lake Community Center is a shining example of Clark Lake’s determination to preserve its past.

The Graziani cottage stood watch on Kentucky Point for 100 years and saw Clark Lake’s fascinating transformation from rural agriculture to what it is today. Clark Lake will long remember how this building found its way to the County Park to become the Community Center. 

In the late 1990s, it looked like the cottage would meet its demise. Many were horrified by this prospect, and the Clark Lake spirit sprang into action. Committees formed, fundraising began, and engineering geniuses formulated a plan.

What happened next will be forever imprinted on the minds of those who watched.  The house floated down the lake on a barge, was towed to the County Park, and placed in its beautiful new setting.  Major repairs restored the wide verandas. Amidst the alluring landscaping of the Garden Angels, the house on the hill stands as a monument to the community’s dedication to preserving its past.

The move took place almost 22 years ago.  Today, the Community Center has rededicated its efforts to preserve Clark Lake’s past.  The house is collecting historical items, and is putting them on display in the building, starting with the recently created Wall of Fame. 

Take five minutes to relive the house’s trip down the lake. Share in the excitement as you hear people describe how it felt.  The video includes recent comments from two Clark Lake residents, interspersed with archival video recorded at the time of the event, and a Channel 6 news story.    Bob and Laurie LaZebnik purchased the house on Kentucky Point and spent summers there.  But the house was old and not in good condition.  Laurie tells what happened next. 

Video:  Rick Belcher

These are some of the people responsible for pulling off this feat.

The Community Center Board below:

Meredythe Hill-Van Dusen, Dotty Karkheck, Sandy Petykiewicz, John Karkheck, Diane Deming, John Deming

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