Hard to believe that July 4th is little more than two weeks away.  Each year, luminaries placed along the shoreline produce a soft glow as part of Clark Lake’s Independence Day celebration.  In the photo below, Raft-O-Rama’s luminary production is ramping up so they are once again available.    

Once the group puts finishing touches on the packages, you can pick up a tote-full at Doyle’s Market.  This website will let you know when they become available.  In addition, committee members will go along the lakefront offering them door to door.  The donation is $15. 

In each tote are 10 luminaries.  Sand holds each bag in place and serves to anchor the long-burning candle inside.  After being lighted in the evening, they continue to burn all night and into the early hours of the morning.  

When to light your luminaries?  Sunday, July 3rd this year. 

As you can see in this article, the luminaries don’t make themselves.  It takes a crew of volunteers to put them together, as well as others from the same group to throw Clark Lake’s biggest party each year, Raft-O-Rama.  Clark Lake is fortunate to have volunteers who are willing to put in time and effort to maintain and/or improve the Clark Lake experience—the Spirit Trail, Run Clark Lake, the Community Center, Garden Angels, Crab Races, Lions Club’s Memorial Day Parade and Easter Egg Hunt, and the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation.  Benefiting Clark Lake is the objective, and the Clark Lake Spirit is inspired from a motive everyone here shares—the love of Clark Lake.  See a volunteer?  Consider a thank you.