The Clark Lake Garden Angels are meeting, a sure sign that spring is in our grasp.  They will begin planting soon around the Community Center, Tom Collins monument, and in the Triangle (where North Lake meets Ocean Beach Road).

So, what’s ahead?  First, a flashback to last summer.  That’s when automatic irrigation for the Triangle began operating. Previously, to water the garden, the Angels had to drag a hose across the road, putting themselves at risk from traffic and taking time from other beautification projects.  The automatic on-off feature worked well, and the garden bloomed in its appreciation.

Bigger Blooms for Thirsty Plants was made possible by the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation (click here to learn more).  This years, the Garden Angels are working on the next step, installing a curb around the garden of flexible concrete.  Presently they are considering the costs and checking into permits.   The Angels believe it will better protect the plantings and showcase nature’s handiwork.

Below, the Garden Angels pause from their work for a bite to eat at their recent meeting held at the Community Center. 

If you’re interested in being a Garden Angel, an email to will start the ball rolling.  In this video from April, 2018, several Angels describe why they love the work.