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The Clark Lake Spirit Foundation

The Clark Lake Spirit Foundation was incorporated under Michigan law on February 21, 1997, as a nonprofit corporation (501 c3).

The Foundation’s officers and directors are:

Rick Belcher, President
Kevin Thomson, Vice President
Ann Swain, Treasurer
Josie Hones, Secretary
Tucker Boyers, Director
Mike McKay, Director
Joe Thorrez, Director
Michael Thorrez, Director
Melissa Owings Wilcox, Director

Please direct questions regarding this website to 

Donations to the Clark Lake Spirit Foundations

Making a credit card donation to the Foundation is simple and easy.  Just click here.  You can also mail a donation by check to Clark Lake Spirit Foundation, PO Box 224, Clark Lake, MI 49234.  Please make the check out to “Clark Lake Spirit Foundation.”  If it’s to benefit a particular organization or project, please specify it. Your donation is tax-advantaged for Foundation General Fund (includes this website), Clark Lake Community Center, Spirit Trail, Garden Angels, Run Clark Lake, and Raft-o-Rama. Foundation directors volunteer their time, and no Foundation officer or director is compensated for his or her work.

Ann Swain is treasurer of the Foundation, and she is available to answer questions regarding donations.