It’s no secret.  Clark Lake has a strong attraction.  Once you connect, departing is like pulling two magnets apart.  Here’s a present-day story that illustrates Clark Lake’s allure.

The Timberlake’s cottage has been a family retreat going back to 1895.  Windward sets on top of the Eagle Point hill and overlooks  the west end of the lake.  Today, several Timberlake descendants share the cottage.  For Charlie, his wife Pat, and kids, Ryan and Skyler, that meant a couple of weeks each August.  The visits were always refreshing, and they harkened back to the carefree days of youth when Charlie and his siblings spent entire summers at the lake.  But how to extend current summer stays beyond the couple of weeks?  When Charlie spotted a place for sale in the Eagle Point Cove, he explored it from their Connecticut home. He checked out the realtor’s photos, and put that together with his memory of the neighborhood.  After a brief consultation with Pat and kids, he bought it over the phone. 

To nearly everyone who knows them at the lake, the purchase was sotto-voce—until yesterday.  That’s when Charlie and Pat flew in.  This weekend, they are making their new place, their own.  Last night the Eagle’s Nest was packed.  As they sat at dinner, it was a great moment to become reacquainted with lake friends, and to hear their congratulations.   Friday evening will be the first of many more like it.   

Over the years, Charlie found himself living in various parts of the country.  “Charlie,” or Charles, morphed into “Chas.”  But what hasn’t changed is his love of Clark Lake.  Something everyone here can understand.  

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