Several emergency vehicles gathered at the scene of a car vs deer encounter on Jefferson Road near S. Woodlands in the 7 pm hour Sunday.  Police Chief Jay Niles reports no injuries to either of the car’s occupants.  But the impact of the collision killed the deer.  

Though no one has conducted a census, it seems as if the deer population around Clark Lake keeps expanding. Deer can be seen in residential areas, especially on the north side of the lake.  But as the driver tonight found, they could be anywhere.  They do have their haunts across Pleasant View, North Shore and North Lake.  Anytime of day or night, their path can take them across Hayes Drive.   When on a road, it seems that headlights cause them to stare and freeze.  However, a honk of the horn will likely motivate them to move elsewhere. 

It is well to remember that an encounter with a deer could mean an expensive repair and possibly personal injury.