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Christmas 2018 – Raft-O-Rama
Thanksgiving 2018Sponsors
Clark Lake 2018
– Fall Flight 49234
Clark Lake 2017 – Four seasons in 15 minutes
Thanksgiving – 2017 Being thankful for Clark Lake (2 minutes)
Veterans at Clark Lake – Veterans tell you their own story (16 minutes)
Andy Scott’s Video – First published on Christmas Eve 2015, it includes two years of Clark Lake in action


View Clark Lake from the Ocean Beach dam 24/7.

2018 Events (also links to 2017 coverage) at Clark Lake

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New Spirit Trail Benches Proposed

The Spirit Trail last night sought permission from Columbia Township to place two new Spirit Trail benches near the west end boat launch.  As part of an ongoing project, they are designed to enhance the use of the Trail, offering a place to rest and view the vistas...

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Township Confirms New Weed Treatment

The Township Board of Trustees tonight said "yes" to a new weed treatment to thwart invasive hybrid Eurasian water milfoil now present in Clark Lake.  When hybrid Eurasian water milfoil (HEWM) became a threat, lake front owners petitioned Columbia Township to create a...

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Fatal Accident on Jefferson Road

Sean Michael Chappel, a 27 year old man from Blackman Township, died this morning as the result of an accident on Jefferson Road, according to Columbia Township Police.  Here is their...

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Forever Clark Lake

It doesn't take long to realize that Clark Lake is an extraordinary place.  Even ordinary moments burst beyond the everyday expectations of most.  Then there are Forever Clark Lake moments.  You see an eagle fly over the lake, an amazing sunset melts your heart, or...

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State May Support Weed War

A bill passed by the Michigan Senate proposes the Michigan DEQ help eradicate invasive weeds in public lakes. If also passed by the Michigan house, and signed into law by the governor, this could bolster Clark Lake's war on hybrid Eurasian water milfoil (HEWM). When...

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Watching the Lake

Clark Lake presents an ever-changing view.  If you look for it, there is more than initially meets the eye---including a wide variety of vistas influenced by weather, nature, and the animal kingdom. Overcast days are plentiful during late fall and winter. But along...

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