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Making the Move – Graziani Cottage
Christmas 2018 – Raft-O-Rama
Thanksgiving 2018Sponsors
Fall Flight 49234 – 2018
Clark Lake 2017 – Four seasons in 15 minutes
Thanksgiving – 2017 Being thankful for Clark Lake (2 minutes)
Veterans at Clark Lake – Veterans tell you their own story (16 minutes)
Andy Scott’s Video – First published on Christmas Eve 2015, it includes two years of Clark Lake in action


View Clark Lake from the Ocean Beach dam 24/7.

2019 Events (also links to 2018 coverage) at Clark Lake

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County Park Planning

Last August, Jackson County residents voted to increase property taxes to benefit county parks. Equipped with new funding, the Jackson County Parks Department has hired an Ann Arbor firm.  The landscape architecture firm is visiting communities where Jackson...

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Fishing Tournament

Competitive fishing is common in Michigan, and tournaments roam the lakes in our state.  An anticipated 15 boats will arrive for a tournament at Clark Lake tonight from 6 to 9:30 pm. Boats launched here that recently have been in another lake can pose a...

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Weed Treatment Today

As previously reported, PLM is treating Clark Lake today (Monday, June 10) for the invasive weed, hybrid Eurasian water milfoil (HEWM).  Lakes that did not thwart this invader found that it curtailed boating and fishing, was detrimental to the ecology, and...

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Parks Update

The Jackson County Parks Department has scheduled a public meeting for Monday, June 10, 7 pm at the Columbia Township Hall. In 2018 Jackson County residents voted to increase funding for parks through a property tax increase.  In promoting the tax increase, Parks...

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Saturday Sunset Surprise

It pays not to turn your back on a Clark Lake sunset.  You may have thought the show was over.  But wait!  There was more.  That happened tonight.  Here in four phases is how the sunset progressed. Phase one.  The sun has not yet slipped...

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Sirens at Ocean Beach

Two separate events brought responders to Ocean Beach on Friday.  One occurred as someone needing medical attention was brought into a dock and transported for treatment. The second event took place at the County Park.  Police were called by someone...

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