Videos to watch

Clark Lake 2017 – Four seasons in 15 minutes
Thanksgiving – Being thankful for Clark Lake (2 minutes)
Veterans at Clark Lake – Veterans tell you their own story (16 minutes)
Andy Scott’s Video – First published on Christmas Eve 2015, it includes two years of Clark Lake in action


View Clark Lake from the Ocean Beach dam 24/7.

2018 Events (& links to 2017 coverage) at Clark Lake

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Longboard Champs 2018

For a quarter-century, players have competed to be longboard champs in the Clark Lake Shuffleboard League.  During the season, the competitors meet every Thursday evening.  The 2018 Championship Playoffs took place Saturday, March 10, at the Beach Bar.  This super...

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Docks Going In

Andy Willbee took advantage of the calm this morning to put in his dock.  Was it cold? "Not that bad," said Andy.  Really?  With temperatures in the 20s last night, a thin layer of ice once again formed over much the lake. But that didn't slow down Andy--or his dog. ...

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What Is It?

Is this a look at a mountain range from 30,000 feet, or something else?  It's something else--waves at sunset at Clark Lake.  The breeze was stiff at sunset--enough to cause a shiver, but not enough to cause whitecaps.  Tonight's sunset below, as the sun disappeared...

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Ice Returns

Those awaking at Clark Lake this morning got a reminder that spring is not quite here.  Most of the lake surface was covered with new ice.  But, the grasp of winter is weakening. Somewhat warmer weather is on the horizon.  This afternoon the ice was breaking...

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Time Change – What’s Your Opinion?

Early Sunday (March 11), clocks go forward one hour as Daylight Savings Time takes effect once again. The topic always starts discussions and is sometimes controversial.  A past proposal in Michigan would be to keep the state on Standard Time all year.  Florida is...

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Update to the Clark Lake Spirit Website

Final touches are taking place on a major rebuild of our website. As a result, security, reliability and mobile-friendliness have all improved.  You can now search any article based on keywords (look for the magnifying glass).  The appearance and functionality have...

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