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Christmas 2018 – Raft-O-Rama
Thanksgiving 2018Sponsors
Clark Lake 2018
– Fall Flight 49234
Clark Lake 2017 – Four seasons in 15 minutes
Thanksgiving – 2017 Being thankful for Clark Lake (2 minutes)
Veterans at Clark Lake – Veterans tell you their own story (16 minutes)
Andy Scott’s Video – First published on Christmas Eve 2015, it includes two years of Clark Lake in action


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Weed Treatment Tuesday

PLM plans to go forward with weed treatment at Clark Lake tomorrow, Tuesday, May 21.  They will post a notice on lawns along the entire shoreline.  This will be the same posting as mailed to lakefront property owners---and also seen below in previous and...

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Kay Vermeulen Nichols Inducted into the Hall of Fame

During her life, Kay Vermeulen Nichol's water skiing accomplishments were nothing short of monumental.  Yesterday, she was inducted into the Michigan Water Ski Hall of Fame.  She joins the ranks of other champions, including her brother, Lynn...

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Weed Treatment Update

PLM plans to check Clark Lake for thermocline tomorrow (Saturday) and Monday.  Getting good results for the treatment depends on a pronounced thermocline---the difference in temperature of the top layer of water (10 to 20 feet) to deeper water.  If...

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The Lift Monster

What's a Lift Monster?  Clark Lake, and surrounding lakes, now has one. It has become a necessary tool, says B.J. Lyons.  “Boats on our lakes are larger and heavier requiring lifts that are up to the task.  Some lifts must cradle up to 12,000...

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Sunset Catch-Up

Clark Lake's sunset glory is not limited to any season.  But as summer approaches, we are headed to seeing more frequent renditions of evening awesomeness.  Check out the slide show below of some of May's best. Photos:  Rick...

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Weather Delays Weed Treatment

Treatment of Clark Lake's invasive weeds has been delayed again.  Cooler weather is the culprit. According to PLM's Steve Hanson, a substantial thermocline has yet to develop.  A favorable thermocline is where the top layer of water, 10 to 20 feet deep,...

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