Videos to watch

Clark Lake 2018 – Fall Flight 49234
Clark Lake 2017 – Four seasons in 15 minutes
Thanksgiving – Being thankful for Clark Lake (2 minutes)
Veterans at Clark Lake – Veterans tell you their own story (16 minutes)
Andy Scott’s Video – First published on Christmas Eve 2015, it includes two years of Clark Lake in action


View Clark Lake from the Ocean Beach dam 24/7.

2018 Events (also links to 2017 coverage) at Clark Lake

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Thanksgiving at Clark Lake

Sponsors of this website are a key to its success.  Even though no one who creates, contributes or produces content is compensated, there are third party expenses.  Among them are costs of hosting for the website and DamCam, for domain names, and for developer coding....

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Thanking Veterans Today

On this November 11th, many veterans will hear "thank you for your service."  Clark Lake has its share of those who those who did their part to defend our country.  Some of them, part of what is called the Greatest Generation, are no longer with us.  One of them was...

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First Snow 2018

First light at Clark Lake revealed the first snow of the season.  The lake has its own magic, and doesn't hesitate to put it on display. Clark Lake has away of engaging you during every season.  Click the 60 second video to catch the feeling....

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Veterans Day Salute 2018

In this salute, Becky Consonni tells the story of her father's wartime service and the arrival of a surprising Facebook message 70 years later.  Here's her story. This story begins with a shed.  The shed was built by my father in 1979 adjacent to our Oakwood Avenue...

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Wind Power

Going on now at Clark Lake (Sunday, Nov 4 3:15 pm), a courageous soul is working on capturing the wind to take him for a ski.  It's not a warm and sunny a day.  The temperature is 50, there is a variable wind.  If wet, there must be a windchill factor, too.  Preparing...

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Turn Back Time

Here's your twice yearly reminder.  Clocks go back one hour 2 am Sunday.  Many of today's clocks will reset themselves.  But some won't.  If you need a time check, click here. If you need a little music to accompany your resetting activities, click on this Cher video...

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